Awards & Competition

A general note about awards: Awards are considered by many entrepreneurs as the slow way to get funding and recognition. Often, they include a lot of work with undetermined success. If funding and recognition are the only incentives for you to participate, then consider reaching out to investors instead.

Use Awards to your Advantage

Hackathons are competitions where people skilled in programming compete against each other. Often, they require projects they can work on, the perfect chance for you to send in your project. You will have the work get done for free.

Awards for Apps

Awards for Apps

Here you find a list of the relevant awards for apps that will secure you funding and other help.

Startup Awards

Global Startup Awards

An international award, that will get you recognized.

Awards within the UK

All UK Business Awards

Here you can find a list of a lot of business awards in the UK only.

Awards about You


An award looking for future leaders with great skill and motivation

EYES International

Here you can apply for a membership in this outstanding network of young leaders.

Euroguss Talent Awards

Everyone with an innovation or improvement or a new application can apply here, and has the chance to win attractive prizes.