Market Research

Tools for competitor research can lead to the problem that you focus too much on others instead of your own product. Be aware of that when using the following tools. Sometimes, your network can be your most powerful tool for market research.

Similar Web

With Similar Web helps you analyze the competitors websites and its traffic by giving you access to your competitors’ web analytics. With that you can tell where your competitors are getting their traffic from, which referral sources are working in their favor and more.


Your product or service will only sell well if it solves your audience’s problem. Ask Your Target Market helps you survey your audience by giving you access to a lot of respondents around the globe.

Google is known for its powerful tools, and this is no different. Track online traffic of your website and gain essential insights about your customers. And the best thing is, that it’s for free.

If data privacy is important for you, matomo is the perfect alternative to Google analytics. It is designed to cover the same functions as Google analytics, while keeping up high standards of data security

Crunchbase is a huge database containing information about startups. If you want to learn more about the funding rounds and who invested, Crunchbase is your address.

If you want to stay informed about the newest websites, apps and tech products, Producthunt can help you out. is designed to cover as many needs of a startup as possible. You can take a look the next tech innovations, or even look for funding and new employees.