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    Ana-Maria MelinteAna-Maria Melinte

    Who should we test the prototype?
    There are two groups we need to test our prototype with:
    Physical therapists
    Patients who suffered orthopedics injuries or a stroke.

    What technique can we use when prototyping?
    The CONCIERGE method
    At this moment our prototype is a dummy orthosis, that can be fastened on the patient arm using the fastening system and can be “controlled” with a dummy mobile app where patients and physical therapists can change the speed of the movement, the angle, the number of repetitions and can check the progress.
    With that prototype, we can use the concierge technique to validate how users interact with the orthosis and with the mobile app. We will explain to both physical therapists and patients that our product is still a prototype and we will simulate parts of the functionalities.
    After that, together with the physical therapist, we will let the patient fasten the orthosis on his hand. Using the mobile app the patient will start the orthosis, and at that moment the physical therapist will start to move the patient’s arm up and down, to simulate the orthosis movement. When the patient changes the values on the app (speed, angle, number of repetitions) the physical therapist will move the hand faster or slower accordingly to that value.

    What can we learn from that prototype?
    Using the concierge method we can observe several things:
    Identify UX problems of our product
    See how easy is for the patient to fasten the orthosis
    Observe how intuitive the mobile app is
    Find out what features is the patient using during the training session

    The FAKE DOOR method
    Besides testing the hardware and the software parts of our solution, we need to test first how many people are interested in the solution.
    For this, we can create a web page that displays our selling proposition and minimal information about our product. We can also list the subscription packages that we offer, and add a contact box so the user can leave their mail there. Last but not least we will use Google ads to reach potential customers.

    What can we learn from that prototype?
    Using the fake door method we can observe several things:
    How many people clicked on our webpage.
    Which subscription packages are the most interesting.
    Get contacts of patients and physical therapist (we can test with them the orthosis and the mobile app)

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