Down below are possible sources that can nurture your mind. But we all know that an inspiring talk with another person inspires more than hundred websites.

This might seem obvious, but Twitter can be a great source of inspiration, given you keep your feed clean. Actually, it is essential to use the filter options. Then, you are able to take full advantage of the real time news.

To get new inspirations for tech stuff, Hackernews might be your perfect source. New innovations and much more is covered here.

The name Paul Graham is familiar to entrepreneurs. The founder of Y-Combinator has also a lot of inspiring articles on his website. They can definitely inpire you to new ideas.

You need new inspirations? No problem, at Pinterest there is a lot of it. Just scroll through the various posts.

If you want to stay informed about the newest websites, apps and tech products, Producthunt can help you out.


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Which learning type are you

When you want to find out, what type of a learner you are, take this short test. In five minutes you will know, whether it is most effective for you to watch a video or read the text

Unfortunately, this source is only in German, but it provides valuable news about Germany’s startup ecosystem.