Building a Website

There are two main ways promoted by EWOR to build a website. One is to use a template builder such as WIX or Strikingly, while the other is to build the website yourself in HTML. The benefits of the former are mainly speed and ease of use. Often, you do not need to design complicated websites to merely promote your product. The benefits of the latter are that you have more flexibility in design and that you can install services such as Hotjar easily. 

You’ll be able to build a beautiful website yourself easily without further guidance using WIX or Strikingly:

Sometimes, you might want to do more sophisticated things. Think twice: Do you really need to launch a sophisticated website now or can you build an easier, viable website to test your assumptions first? Discuss this with a couple of your peers, and if your answer to this question remains no, check out our course on Web Development.

Always be aware that there are certain design principles that should be followed in order to create an appealing website.