The Two Foundational Pillars of EWOR Education
How to Work Yourself Through EWOR

External Force

There is an external and an internal reason which made us start this program.

As for the external force, consider the below diagram. Even though this graph focusses solely on unicorn start-ups, i.e. those with a valuation of over 1BN USD, it is worth having a look at it. China, which has had zero unicorn start-ups in 2013, already overtook Europe by a factor of three. Europe’s relative proportion of unicorn start-ups is shrinking, while that of China increases drastically. Compared to the 120 unicorn startups in the United States, the 20 unicorn start-ups in Europe don’t shed a good light on our continent. Europe fails to grow and scale start-ups effectively. This is especially interesting compared to the fact that 8 out of the 10 most innovative countries of the world are in Europe. Europe has the potential, but there are structural, psychological and financial burdens to solving this issue. EWOR aims to address all of them.

Source: Own representation