Ideation Preparation

Ideation can certainly be done by oneself. But the real power of ideation unfolds when people come together and work together in groups. The tools following are all meant for generating ideas in teams as the generation of ideas forms a dynamic team climax in the process. It turns much of what has been theoretical and vague until now, into something concrete and tangible.

For this, it is paramount to step beyond the logical approach and use your imagination. Which can be stimulated by a range of creative techniques. Almost all of those techniques can be summarized under the act of brainstorming. Since they are all meant to connect the loose ends in your brain in order to formulate ideas and get them out! 

However, the generation of ideas is not an entirely free process. Good brainstorms and the application of creativity techniques, require good preparation, rules and structures. At the beginning – after the transition from formulated insights to articulated opportunity areas – it is necessary to define questions, which are to be addressed with the ideas. This small but important intermediate step ensures that the upcoming ideas are targeted and concrete. In addition, it helps to step beyond obvious solutions and thus increase innovation potential.

Ultimately, your goal should always be to create fluency (volume) and flexibility (variety) in your ideas. Because in the end, it’s a numbers game. The chance of finding a really good and maybe breakthrough idea is much higher if you generated hundreds of ideas than if you created ten. A high number also makes it much easier to clearly divide the good from the bad through comparison.

Your mantra could be: first quantity, then quality!