Ideation Questions

The opportunity areas identified are formulated in a way that they highlight the potential for innovation. For the direct generation of concrete ideas, however, they are still too broad. It is therefore necessary to carry out another formulation exercise in order to make them tangible for the specific generation of ideas. 

Accordingly, for each of the articulated opportunity areas, questions need to be formulated which serve as the basis for each ideation sessions. Here it is important not to have just one question per opportunity area, but rather a whole range of questions. The reason for this is that the questions are aimed at individual elements or dimensions of each opportunity area. And there may be quite a few of these. Again – getting very concrete and detailed at the idea level helps you to be actionable. An idea like “better communication” doesn’t help. Always ask: HOW? For example, say: “How can we create a better communication experience for our customers?”