Many aspiring entrepreneurs tend to forget the importance of proper onboarding mechanisms. This is not a big deal for onboarding first co-founders and your very first team member, but will surely play a role as your organisation grows. A good onboarding procedure should fulfill the following functions:

  1. Getting to know the team and team members on a personal and professional level
  2. Understanding the communication, data management and project management practices of the team
  3. Understanding the vision and mission of the company
  4. Understanding the own area of responsibility and what is expected of the new recruit
  5. Understanding the value system and rule sets of the company
  6. Feeling welcome and appreciated

It is especially interesting to leverage the uniquenesses of your company for your onboarding experience. Those can be established uniquenesses or something that is yet completely made up, but will become your company mantra in the future. This article features some unique onboarding experience that are worth checking before designing your own.

After having read the topics of this lesson, please reflect on the following:

  • How will my onboarding experience look like?
  • What makes my onboarding experience unique?
  • How can I ensure that future recruits feel appreciated after my onboarding experience?
  • What documentation do I have to share the knowledge of the organisation and my personal expertise?

Please reflect here with your peers

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This forum is restricted to members of the associated course(s).


  • Make sure to read through as many onboarding practices and tipps before you design your own, the following two articles are a good start
    • This article provides you with 22 ideas to improve your onboarding experiences
    • This article talks about five unique examples of great onboarding resources
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