Prototyping in Action: Examples

There are countless examples of great prototypes out in the world – for many of which you will also find a blog post, Medium article, Slideshare deck, etc. online. Which tools and strategies you will use also depend on what kind of idea you are trying to prototype. In this section, a few selected methods and examples of well-executed prototypes are provided to hopefully inspire your next prototyping activities.


  • You can find a lot of different design thinking method toolkits online, which will provide you with inspiration and guidance for your low-fidelity prototyping endeavour. Two of the most widely used toolkits are the Stanford Design School Bootleg and the Design Kit. You can also check out the Design Methods Finder.
  • Alberto Savoia also provides a great summary of all the pretotyping/prototyping techniques from his book and his Stanford courses as a chart on his website.
  • Download and skim through the free Validation Guide by Board of Innovation to find additional ways to set up experiments to test your assumptions and hypotheses.
  • To learn a little more about paper prototyping, check out Jakob Nielsen’s short article “Paper Prototyping: Getting User Data Before You Code”.
  • If you are creating an app or web or other digital applications, check out some of the many different tools, which help you create click-dummies quickly like Prott, Invision, and Marvel. Alternatively, take a look at this 40-minute video on how the Apple design team uses Keynote to prototype digital solutions.
  • For a great reference point on creating media from the future prototypes in the form of press releases, check out the Forbes article “How Does Amazon Stay At Day One?” by Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregerson.