Useful templates, tools, and services.

Listed below you will find 200+ handpicked resources available for you to use. We have created this selection by asking experienced entrepreneurs on the tools they rely on, so you can follow in their footsteps for the most effective resources.

Think of this as your toolbox. 

Our advice is to always try to use as few tools as possible. Although every resource might solve a little problem of yours, it also makes processes more complicated. Especially if you work in a team, a new tool can cause a lot of trouble in the transition phase from one process to the next. Make sure that the saved time and effort is bigger than the additional trouble the tool causes you. 

Now enjoy browsing through the resources, and let yourself be inspired by all the tools successful entrepreneurs have found to be useful. Most certainly you will find helpful resources you didn’t even know existed.

Most Used Resources

These are the most used resources categories, based on the users behaviour on the platform.

Personal Productivity

Resources that will make you more productive, anytime, anywhere.

Team Productivity and Project Management

Everything to enable a productive working environment for your team and improve project management.


Tools to manage, automate, and improve all your marketing tasks.


Tools to reach your customers and track all the customer data.


Tools to save time when creating slide decks, onepagers, and videos.


Tools to create beautiful websites.


Tools to professionalize your HR management.


Tools and templates to help you conquer the legal jungle.

Protoyping & Product Building

Tools to build prototypes and products faster, better and more sustainably.


All our templates in one place.


Tools for smarter data analytics.


Tools for managing your financials.