Weekly social media posts

You know about the importance of a strong social media appearance, but just can’t find the time to do it yourself? Then the right partner might be the solution. All marketing partners below have been checked by the EWOR team for high quality standards.

Marketing Partners

Do It Yourself

Price estimate: 0-39€ (hootsuite) / month

Posts: Up to you!

Time: Early-stage, pre-funding

Use Case: We recommend you start yourself and outsource later. Once your brand voice and social media content is roughly defined, outsource with Bob or Fyrfeed.

Do It With Bob

Price estimate: 100€/month

Posts: 10/month

Time: Early-stage, seed-stage

Use Case: If you need a strong social media presence, but don’t have the resources to produce regular content yourself, Bob can help you out.


Price estimate: 600€/month

Posts: 8/month

Time: Seed-stage, Series A+

Use Case: Fyrfeed will provide you with high end social media posts, including custom ceated pictures to make your posts unique.