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Bob is a freelancer from the United States. He is a native English speaker and prooves to have great talent in finding the right words.

EWOR’s Comment on Bob’s Pricing

The prices are very reasonable. Especially compared to the high quality of his posts.



At EWOR, we have a simple philosophy: do first, study later.

In our program, we help our students to do each action then look at what they did right and wrong later.

Learning by doing is how humans are wired. From the beginning of our lives, we learn to do new tasks, like walking and talking, by trying it first and perfecting it later.

Then we get to school. There, we study before we apply new knowledge. This might work for some topics, like mathematics, but for skills that intersect heavily with real-life do first, study later.

For entrepreneurs, each new skill can be done first in a mock setting, then you can learn what you need to do differently next time.

Our students retain the information better than traditional students simply because they have put their hands on everything first. Later, they look for ways to perfect novel ways of doing things, and discover methods for creating more success.

How do you learn? Did you learn entrepreneurship by doing or studying first?

Many people, and most of the traditional
education system, think of the brain as a file cabinet. Each drawer contains a
discrete subject to be accessed when needed.


In reality, our brains differ greatly from
that. In fact, they look more like mind maps with connections running in every
direction at once. Different subjects are brought in when needed, not as
discrete topics, but as part of gestalt of an idea. Maths and science aren’t
separated from hope and determination. Writing skills don’t just show up after
you’re done with a spreadsheet.


EWOR is designed to teach entrepreneurship
precisely the way you think it is – in complete packages that access all of
your skills at once. That’s what sets this ten-month program apart from a
traditional university program.


“Wow! So much better than I expected. The emails that Bob drafted up completely captured the feel I wanted to share with my potential customers. I’m excited to use these emails and see the response.”

“Bob has been great to work with. He really took on board what we were looking for and ran through all the material we sent before writing web content and email content. He understood the job and delivered excellent copy on time, but was very happy to make small revisions to completely nail the brief. Highly recommended and will use again ourselves.”

“It was amazing. I gave him a very high level concept of what I was trying to do, and he filled in all of the pieces and got me something that was better than I was expecting. I would definitely work with him again.”

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