Application Task #2: Formulate your ideation questions by doing a “question brainstorm”

  • Take the opportunity areas and try to formulate inspiring questions for them, each of which should highlight one aspect of the opportunity area.
  • Start each question with “How might we….”
  • Draw up a number of questions/topics for each opportunity area and note them down on Post-its.
  • Pay attention to making sure that the questions are neither too broad nor too detailed:
    • Too broad: “How can we work better?”
    • Too detailed: “How can we collect our ideas on Post-Its?”
    • Better: “How can we make our ideas visible?”
  • Pick the ones that feel best.
  • A gut feeling for the richness of each question is decisive here.

To continue the example from the fashion retailer, based on the opportunity area of “Give space for collaborative activities”, those “How might we…” have been generated, amongst many others:

  • How might we make shopping feel like an evening of cooking with friends?
  • How might we engage the company of the shopper in the overall shopping experience?
  • How might we get our sales assistants to be our shoppers friend?
  • How might we design our shopping experience for groups?

Note: Not only for brainstorms, but also for many other creative techniques, this form of preparation is extremely important. Answers (ideas) can only be as good as the question that they are supposed to answer.

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This forum is restricted to members of the associated course(s).