Application Task #3: Run a series of Ideation sessions

  • Take the selected ideation questions generated in tasks #2 as a basis
  • Make relevant and inspiring collections of those (some that fit topically together, spiced up with some very different ones)
  • Decide which form of ideation session you want to run, a pure brainstorm or a mix with some added creativity techniques
  • Invite a groups of ideation participants
  • Prepare the tools needed (material and possible templates for creativity techniques)
  • Introduce them to the task – you can share something about your project, but don’t have to, it will also work without
  • Run your session – always cover more than one ideation question
  • Don’t forget to take breaks and change activities to keep your participants engaged and inspired (do warm-ups at the beginning and in-between)
  • After the session, use dotmocracy to gather the gut feeling of the ideation group on what are the best ideas
  • Review all ideas just by yourself or the project team and select all other ideas that are worth following
  • Decide if you want to generate a few new ideation questions based on the outcomes of the session

Ultimately you should build a funnel of ideas that you can work through like this:

An example of a good ideation session looks like this:

Please reflect here with your peers

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This forum is restricted to members of the associated course(s).