Brainstorm Rules

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  1. Defer judgement!
    No evaluations. At this specific time there are no bad or meaningless ideas.
  1. Encourage wild ideas!
    Try to overstep boundaries with your ideas. Go crazy.
  1. Be visual!
    A picture usually says more and inspires better than a thousand words.
  1. Build on the ideas of others!
    Ideas belong to everyone in the team. Others can therefore also use them in order to make them crazier, better, more perfect.
  1. Stay focused on the topic!
    Try to focus on the current brainstorm topic. And continue to generate ideas. Discussion is out of place here.
  1. Go for quantity!
    It’s the amount that counts. The chance of having good ideas among 1000 ideas is higher than among 10. Screening comes later.

These rules are proven to make for an effective but also efficient Brainstorm.

Some resources for other ideation tools:

Initial selection

During an ideation session, the ideas develop from the passion and energy of the team. In order to learn which ideas appear to be the most exciting from this situation, it is good to have the team make a selection on precisely this basis – their gut feeling! And always only for as long as the ideas are still „fresh“. So right after the session.


Participants get small sticky dots. Each participant gets 3 or 5 dots. They should distribute these among the ideas on the walls. They can give several ideas one dot each or several of their dots to one idea. But ask them to do this individually, not as a group.

In this way it is often possible to see immediately where there have been highlights of the brainstorm.