Case Study: The Kairos Society

Whoever joins the Kairos Society as an employee, not as a fellow, will experience the following: 

  1. An onboarding call, which consists of walking the new employee through some internal documents that state what the Kairos society is, what it has achieved so far and where it wants to be in 10 years. Once the Kairos Society was still new, this call focussed mostly on the vision and mission. It is emphasised how the new employee plays a crucial role in achieving this vision and how the area of responsibility exactly relates to the vision. There is homework for the employee, which is to read through the info materials and even memorise the most important facts. Any Kairos employee should know the most important facts by heart. 
  2. A second onboarding call, which consists of the new employee being walked through the internal file structures, communication channels and project management software. The values of Kairos are re-emphasised as well as important dos and don’ts. For example, Kairos employees are encouraged to share their networks openly and do at least a few intros per week that help fellows and other employees. Also, anyone communicating with third parties has to post longer emails and posts in #double-check and may not send them before another team member has read through the text and approved it. After the call, the new employee is invited to join the Slack and Asana groups. 
  3. A third onboarding call, where the new employee gets to other team members and is encouraged to connect with all of them individually for a few other bilateral calls. This call is personal and focuses on finding personal similarities with other employees. 
  4. If the employee focuses on a new area, they are asked to draft a document with the main vision and goals of that new area of responsibility. If they overtake an old area, there are one or several successor reports that should be read through before coming up with a vision of that new project.
  5. A series of weekly calls between the employee and their superior to go through any open questions and to ensure accountability of the tasks agreed on mutually during the first weeks. These calls are there to give guidance.