Family Calls

When working at my first venture, Emoti, and later at Kairos, I have used ‘family calls’ with the entire team to strengthen the team spirit. For 2-3 hours, every first Sunday of the month, the entire team gathered on Zoom. We used Zoom’s ‘break out rooms’ function to split the entire team in groups of three and gave them exercises, such as “discover 10 things you have in common” or “share with each other one personal story that has changed your lives”.  After those ~15 min break out sessions, we gathered again and talked about the breakout sessions together. Usually, one person would share what the entire group has found. This will take around 45 minutes and may be repeated once or twice. For the last part of these calls, I personally like exercises such as everyone sharing their personal jokes. Alternatively, discussing favorite books, movies and activities works well, too.

Find formats that work for your team. There is no sure formula, but you should have a format that allows your team to connect personally on a regular basis.