Idea re-engineering

While it is technically not completely necessary to understand the need of your stakeholder, it definitely helps you to increase the chances of success of whatever you are offering.

Most entrepreneurs build their products first and present it to customers after a long time of development. Switching this process and talking to customers and stakeholder first, in an effective manner that truly yields their opinion and needs, is the essence of customer discovery.

The earlier you start to understand your stakeholder, the more you make them part of your development. You can notice they don’t need your product without having to build it, saving you a tremendous amount of time. Thus, we encourage you to identify either a clear existing need or an opportunity to generate a new need first. If you already have an idea in mind, most likely you inherently identified a need for yourself or in your surroundings. Try to articulate it. Where did it come from? What was the reason why you had the idea? Then take those triggers and research them a bit further. Do others have the same problem? The same need? Go out there to interview and observe other people rather than rely on your own perspective. The biggest mistake often made by young entrepreneurs is to extrapolate their own world view and biases to the broader public. You are naturally more hyped about your idea than anyone else and you should test the underlying assumptions for your idea against the harsh feedback of the market. This includes to also figure out if there is already a solution out there that is addressing your need.