Microsites and Landing Pages

Landing pages and microsites are a fantastic means to track behaviour of customers.

A landing page is a single-purpose, low-distraction internet site that is usually to convert customers to a simple action or to create awareness about a certain product. A landing page without any distractions, such as headers, footers, etc. is called squeeze page.

A microsite is like a landing page for one specific product of your business only. Hence, for a yet one-product business, microsites don’t differ from landing pages. We have included some examples of microsites below anyway, because they give you a perfect idea of how you lure a customer into a specific action. 

The article below lists a couple of very different microsites, even those that deviate from the rules to provide you with good examples of how you could design your page. 

Before you read on, check out the best microsites by Hubspot.

Also, keep in mind that for your first MVP your landing page/microsite will not have to be too fancy. It has to serve one purpose, set by you, only.  This could be 

  • get users to buy
  • get users to sign up for a newsletter
  • get users to apply
  • etc.

Therefore, you will have to understand proper UI and UX. This video, even though presented somewhat theatrically, brings its to the point: