Prototyping for Desirability (Experience Prototyping)

The first lens focuses on the desirability of your product idea. By focusing your prototyping activities through this lens you will gather valuable feedback about how customers and users “experience” your product and how desirable it is for them.

Questions a desirability prototype will help to answer:

  • Would people use it? (i.e. gauging their initial level of interest)
  • Do people understand what my product can do for them? Which “job” does it do for them? Which pain point does it alleviate? What does it add to their life?
  • How would it need to work, so that people would use it?
  • How does it feel like for a potential user to use my product?
  • Does the product fit the mental model of the user and customer? (For example, framing Slack as a new version of IRC would not have worked. It needed to be associated with team collaboration and productivity to be successful in the market.)
  • Is this idea worth pursuing further?

It is important to note that the desirability of a product can seldom be determined only from what people “say”. The desirability lens is more concerned with what people “think” and which behaviourial patterns this translates to (i.e. what people actually “do”, not what they say they do).