In some cases, it is possible to use a relabelling strategy to prototype an idea. The best way to explain this technique is by recounting an example mentioned in Alberto Savoia’s great Stanford eCorner talk. A group of students was playing around with the idea of selling second-day packaged sushi at half price. They thought that with enough of a discount, people would be willing to buy sushi that is closer to its expiration date than freshly prepared sushi. To test the idea, they simply purchased fresh packaged sushi at one of the cafés on campus, re-labelled it as “Second-Day Sushi – 50% Off”, and offered it for sale next to the other regular sushi boxes. Although this prototype probably only took them an hour or two, from a customer’s point of view their product felt as real as if their second-day sushi products actually existed. The insights you can get from engaging a few “customers” who bought the second-day sushi and others who may have looked at it but chose to buy the fresher option, will be invaluable.