Sleep and its importance

While sleep is likely the thing you’ve been least worried about in the past, it’s one of your greatest levers to optimising your health and wellbeing. There are a couple of reasons why:

More productivity

Arnold Schwarzenegger famously ridiculed his audience during his motivational speech in 2018. After a listener complained that he needs 8 hours of sleep, he bluntly commented ‘just sleep faster’. While this might sound ridiculous, he made a fantastic point: There are great differences as to how individuals sleep. While ‘sleeping faster’ might sound a little bit off, it is true that sleep quality can be increased significantly. To make it short: We can get as much rest in 6 hours as other people get in 8 hours. You can indeed sleep less and at the same time feel more energised and be healthier. This course will supply you with the right toolkit and theoretical understanding you need to optimise your sleep.

Less risk of disease

The MORGEN study, a highly cited study about sleep quality and health, finds that “short sleepers with poor sleep quality had […] a 79% higher risk of Coronary Heart Disease incidence compared to normal sleepers with good sleep quality.” By managing your sleep well, you’ll be able to prevent both severe and light diseases. 

Greater mental health

Poor sleep increases the chances of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and ADHD. And even if you are not close to developing any of these, poor sleep will still affect your daily energy levels. One study even suggests that a positive character positively affects sleep quality in turn, leading to an upward spiral of sleep quality improvement.

This video gives you a great primer to improving your life by tapping into the superpower sleep.