It is often underestimated how critical it is for team members to retrieve information, such as powerpoint presentations, one pagers, word firles and excel-lists quickly. A drive, either Google drive if you do not worry that much about privacy or one drive, if privacy is especially important to you, can do the trick.

Why is there an entire section about storage and data management? Because it increases effectiveness drastically. This HBR article reveals the secrets derived from an analysis of thousands of Slack teams.


The principles of good data management are summarized nicely in this MIT presentation:

  • Spending little time upfront can save a lot of time later on.
  • Be realistic: strike a balance between doing too much and too little.
  • There’s no single right way to do it; establish a system that works for you.
  • Think about who your system needs to work for: Just you? You and your team? Collaborators?

They summarise the principles in the 5 Cs: Clear, Concise, Consistent, Correct, Conformat