Typeform and Google Forms

When you applied to EWOR you did so by using a Typeform. It is the most elegant and business-like way of retrieving data from users. Via Typeform you can:

  • Collect data points from users, such as name, email address, open answers, multiple-choice, etc.
  • Export the data points collected to excel; 
  • Link that data with different forms of storage including GSheets or Slack;
  • Create custom automatic response emails that inform either you, the recipient or a third party about applications made.

All of this will be easy to grasp for you when using Typeform the first time via this link. Typeform will be an integral tool for calculating your conversions.

An alternative to Typeform is Google Forms. Google forms offers functionality sometimes not available via Typeform, but has the less elegant user interface. For example, Global Startup Awards are using Google Forms for all their interactions with external parties including jury members, speakers and startups. As long as you keep the rest professional, Google Forms may be a good alternative to Typeform. I personally, however, recommend to use Typeform at all times as it creates a better, more professional customer experience.