Website Builder


World’s most popular website builder to create your business site or blog with WordPress using templates.

Webflow is a tool to design a website on a nocode basis as a team. You can work collaboratively to create a unique website.

Website Themes


Here you can find thousands of website themes for little money.

Official getBootstrap Marketplace

This is the official site for website themes from Bootstrap creators.


Open source themes for Bootstrap.


Find the perfect background for your website.

Domain Name


Picking a domain name can be difficult. Especially, if you’re trying to work a keyword into your domain name. Use LeanDomainSearch for getting some ideas.


Unfortunately, repeat domains are impossible. Once you have potential domain names, check their availability using this tool. Find domain names, domain extensions, and domains for sale at the same time.


A Git-based workflow and powerful serverless platform to build, deploy, and collaborate on web apps. But more importantly, the hosting of websites as well as many other services are free

Heroku is a platform that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. The Hosting of Apps is free of charge in the hobby version which makes it ideal for prototypes and MVP’s

Cloudflare DNS is an authoritative DNS (Domain Name System) service to host your domains. It has a free version and many additional helpful features. It has also well developed security features

With Netim you can host domains as well. Although not for free, the prices are low compared to other offers

Digital Ocean provides you with host services for websites and apps. Besides several more solutions for creating SaaS (software as a service), digital ocean offers a hatch program for startups that includes a credit for their services.

Optimizing UX

To optimize your UX, you get at Hotjar not only site traffic analytics, but also heat maps, that visualize the customer behavior on your website. There is a limited free version


Search engine optimization is an important part in website creation since the visibility of your website depends on it. Sistrix is a good tool to improve the Google ranking, the Amazon Marketplace ranking and the social media ranking of your website.